Paul Varga Bronze Sculpture
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My bronze sculptures are cast in limited editions and are available at galleries throughout Michigan.
The sculptures range in scale from 6” to 48” in height. Casting Enlargements of any of these forms are available to the client who envisions a sculpture in a scale to suit a specific setting. Additionally, Commissions and outdoor Installations are sculptural possibilities.

Creative Process
Each of my sculptures originates and evolves from the human figure. The sculptures are intended to be 3-Dimensional metaphors that represent the individual or collective strength of mankind and portray a sense of humanity. Within each piece I strive to create a sense of balance and harmony. My sculptural process begins with drawings from a life model. After an evolutionary sequence of drawings is completed, a maquette is made in clay or plaster. Using this 3D model for reference, a sculpture is then carved in a hard wood. Selected wood sculptures are cast in bronze.

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